Beginners Kit with Guide Book,
TK Stand and Foils

What is Telekinesis?

Telekinesis is the ability to move everyday objects with our will. Our bodies are able to store personal energy and to inflict this energy on the outside world by will. Eastern and ancient philosophy and esoteric practices that pertain to psychokinesis describe many forgotten human abilities including Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis, Hydrokinesis, Aerokinesis and many more.

Practicing Telekinesis

As we can see in Youtube, all over the world people are practicing all sort of telekinetic abilities and succeeding remarkably! Everybody can do it, on Youtube we can see children do it, as well as teens and adults. Telekinesis doesn’t require any special skill but it does require practice and a clean mind set. What that means is that if you are determined to succeed – you will succeed! For now, let’s watch some videos!


 In order to succeed you need to practice relaxation during your exercises

Will Power

strengthen your will power and clear day to day consciousness


practicing sharpens concentration abilities and keeps your mind keen

The Practicing Kit

The Higher Being’s Telekinesis Practicing kit is everything
one needs to start practicing telekinesis right away

Telekinesis Stand

Beautiful, strong and very practical, Our Telekinesis brass stand is specially made to allow an important advantage: The tip of the stand is very pointy and provides effortless spinning, this quality is important when you want the smallest amount of produced energy to affect the foil.

A Guide to the Novice Practitioner

Our Guide explains exactly how to practice Telekinesis with easy wording intended to focus on the practical rather than on the theoretic. This 33 page booklet was written by a Telekinesis practitioner with years of experience summarized and translated to pragmatic instructions.

Practicing Foils

Light and cut to size in order to fit the stand proportionally and efficiently. Allowing the easiest spin, these foils are excellent for practice and complement the stand beautifully.


“I started learning Telekinesis with the kit and achieved results in two weeks, that was the begining. Today I teach my friends.”


“practicing Telekinesis has focused my mind and I find it easier now to concentrate on my regular work better!”


“It took patience and time
to succeed in TK but today it is easy and I keep practicing to evoke greater capabilities”